Sophia Cole, Drawing of Elizabeth Taylor

Creatives living and working in Prospect New Town have formed an art association to network their talents and add to the vibrant nature of the community.  We hope you will attend the yearly Artist Studio Tour that brings visitors inside Prospect studios where they can see work in progress as well as completed pieces.  Come enjoy Prospect's unique architecture and sample its restaurants, coffee shop, wine shop, wine bar, gift shops, Pilates studios, healing arts, and other businesses. Logos with a link to the businesses sponsoring our Association can be found at bottom of this page.       
Prospect Artists Association
Prospect New Town, Longmont, Colorado
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professional and emerging artists
Jaguar Innovative Cleaning Supplies
Nest Home Furnishings & Gifts
Two Dog Diner
Tenacity Wine Shop
Pilates for Life
Freedom Financial Offices
For more information on Prospect New Town:
Prospect New Town Supporting Merchants:
The Rib House
HOUSE Clothing and Gifts
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Aspen Chiropractic
Comida Cantina, Mexican Restaurant
Red Pencil Architecture
Prospect Apotheary
Brian Inderwies, Photography, "Find Beauty Every Day 0015"
Zona Prospect Magazine
Joan Jordan, Painting/Mixed Media,  "Wilderness"
Brenda Ferrimani, Dream Painting, "Great Dreamer"
Susan Helen Strok, Painting/Drawing,  "Legend of the Lake"
Jeffy Griffin, Painting and Floral Arrangements, "Glass Jar & Co"
Suzanne Frazier, Painting, "Contemplative Buffalo"
Tammy Helart Jewelry, "Necklace"
Maureen Ruddy Burkhart, "Orbital Dream", i-Photography
Amy Mathews, Painting/Impasto Art, "Feel The Beat"
Wendy Linder, Painting,  "Keep Hearts aBeating While Bells Are Ringing"
Lisa Brodsky, Custom Stationery, "Vegetable Notecard & Gift Tag"
Studio No 6, Branding, Traci Jones
Doug Fields,  Painting
Sandy Schlueter, "Cat Wisdom Rug"  Fiber Art
Cenna's, Custom Cycles
2020 Food & Wine Bar
Sabrina Pitman, Painting/Jewelry, "Mandala", Acrylic on Wood
Rob Bein, Fabric Art
UrbanThai/Urban Kafe
Jeff Wurtz,  Painting
Bella Musser, Musician/Songwriter
Sophia Cole, Drawing of Elizabeth Taylor