Prospect New Town, Longmont, Colorado
For information on Prospect New Town:       www.prospectnewtown.com

Look for these Yard Signs in front of studios

Look for Tour Maps at downtown Longmont stores, in Prospect shops, & in studios during the Tour
Visitors with Joan Jordan at her Studio during the 2014 Tour.
Visitors at Tammy Helart's Studio during 2014 Tour.
Visitors at Rob Bein's Studio during 2014 Tour.
Photos of 2014 Studios during Prospect Artists Tour
Griffin Studio Flowers in Tammy Helart Studio Entry
Entry at Susan Helen Strok Studio
For more information, please contact Audrey Wilcox at audreywilcox7@gmail.com / 720-425-6210
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RUSSELL COBURN GALLERY:  700 Tenacity Drive #102
IMPASTO ART GALLERY:  2015 Ionosphere Sreet  # 104

Come start your holiday shopping in Prospect New Town.  
Be creative!   Buy creative!
Russell Coburn Gallery, 700 Tenacity Dr #102
Impasto Art Gallery,  2015 Ionosphere St #104